Welcome to Santiam Correctional Institution

Home of Oregon AFSCME Local 3943

Santiam Correctional Institution (SCI) is located in Oregon's Willamette Valley. Santiam is on the outskirts of Oregon's capital city, Salem, Oregon.

SCI is a Minimum custody Institution. As of January 2000 the inmate population was 400 all classified as minimum custody. Santiam Correctional Institution currently sends inmates to work maintaining the grounds of other institutions in the Salem area and on various work crews supervised by Correctional Officers.

Local 3943 is comprised of approximately 90 Correctional Officers, Corporals and Sergeants some of which comprise part of the Oregon Department of Corrections Transport Unit. There are approximately 45 non-custodial staff who perform various duties including nursing, supervision of food preparation, clerical duties, counseling, etc.

Local 3943 is a politically active bargaining unit for Oregon AFSCME. Many of its members participate in AFSCME's PEOPLE program and can be counted upon to testify in the legislature when needed. Because of Local 3943's location and reputation, it is considered the flagship of Oregon AFSCME Corrections by some. It has earned the reputation of backing Oregon AFSCME Corrections at every turn. Oregon AFSCME's collective bargaining agreement is deeply entrenched in roots of this local and have been fought for, or protected by, many arbitrations and political fights. Staff transferring out of Local 3943 to other Oregon institutions have organized those bargaining units into the AFSCME family.